Gas Line Repair and Installation

New gas lines, fittings, and a wrench laid out for a project.

We Fix Gas Lines

If you have gas appliances, you may know what a pain it can be when your gas lines start to break down or stop working well. There are a few things that can go wrong with your gas line, and regardless of what the issue is, it could be difficult to fix on your own. It can also be dangerous for you to try to repair or install these lines by yourself. You may talk to us at Plumb Shield Plumbing about this type of job though.

We are skilled at Gas Line Repair in Fort Worth, TX, and we are able to perform this task at your home. When your water heater or another fixture isn’t working because of your gas lines, reach out to us for support. Contact us at (817) 773-7966 to learn how we can help.


Besides just being able to repair gas lines, we can install new ones as well. If your gas lines aren’t delivering gas like they are supposed to or they have become frayed or damaged, you might need to consider a Gas Line Installation. This can keep you covered for a while, especially if you trust us to help you maintain it. When your gas lines stay in good condition, you can rely on them for quite a while.

Staying Safe

Gas lines are not something that you want to mess around with. If you don’t know where the lines are at your house, you should find out, so you can look at them regularly. Once you note any abnormalities, it is a good idea to call a plumber so they can be repaired before they cause a bigger issue. Let us provide results for Gas Line Repair in Fort Worth, TX. We know just what to do and we will make sure your pipes are fixed quickly when they need to be. Our team can also work on your water or sewer lines, so make sure you keep our number handy. Go ahead and call us at (817) 773-7966 to ask any questions that you may have. We will be more than happy to answer them.