Garbage Disposal Repair

A new garbage disposal that has been installed under a sink.

We’ll Work on Your Garbage Disposal

When it comes to your garbage disposal, you might not know exactly how to use it, meaning it can cause problems that need to be addressed. When a garbage disposal is experiencing issues, ignoring them may lead to you seeing leaks or your sink backing up. You probably want to prevent these things. If so, let us work with you at Plumb Shield Plumbing. Our team can address Garbage Disposal Repair in Fort Worth, TX and will make sure that yours stays in good working condition. Be sure to reach out to us when you need to have your garbage disposal checked, and we can tell you if you need a new one or if we will be able to fix yours. Call our team at (817) 773-7966.

Possible Problems

There are a number of ways in which your garbage disposal can act up. It might not work at all, become clogged, or start to make terrible noises when you turn it on. If any of these things happen, you should stop using it and have it examined. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging it further, where you can be certain that you have to get a new one installed. Besides that, you might cause issues within your pipes, which can then lead to larger problems in your lines. Again, this is likely something you would like to avoid when possible, especially when we are a plumber that expediently can help you with this sort of problem.

Get a New One

We will also be there to install a new disposal for you, put in a new faucet, or place any other type of fixture that needs to be handled properly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you need help with your garbage disposal, since this small machine can cause big problems when it is no longer working. It is also something you don’t want to have to fix or change out yourself.

Reach Out Today

You don’t have to put up with a garbage disposal that doesn’t work or isn’t effective. It is supposed to be a device that makes your life easier, so if it is making your life more difficult, this is something that must be dealt with soon. Let us work on your Garbage Disposal Repair in Fort Worth, TX. You can also call on us to look at your pipes to ensure that your garbage disposal hasn’t clogged up your pipes. In fact, we will help you with all types of preventative maintenance when it comes to your pipes. Let us know when you need our help. Contact us at (817) 773-7966 once you are ready to set up an appointment. We can let you know exactly how we may be of assistance.